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Palm Springs

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As the door opens to this MAGICAL home, you begin to create memories you will cherish for a LIFETIME! ! You pass by ORIGINAL painted, life-size images of Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and Elizabeth Taylor, a hand-painted Tramway wall as it soars through the mountain sunshine; a beautiful waterfall cascading into an elegant pool/spa appears. A real HOME is a place of beauty where family/friends create beautiful MEMORIES and EXPERIENCES that will last a LIFETIME! Welcome HOME!
This is a new listing. Even though this property does not have reviews currently, we have over 2,000 reviews with 60+ properties under management. Please check my profile and I assure you, you are in good hands. Customer satisfaction and your comfort is our top priority. We are a small family business and truly cherish the opportunity to host you.

House Rules

Pool: $100/daily fee (to include spa) to 82 degrees. (More heat is an additional fee)
Spa only: $35/daily to 102 degrees. (On demand only and must be turned off after use) Gas prices are at an all time high entering the new year, and we do not profit on these fees. If you need the pool heated upon your arrival, let me know at least 24hrs in advance. We can have it ready for your arrival at that time. Pool heating time varies depending on outside temperature. Pool fee can not be refunded unless heating issue is due to a problem with equipment. Pool and spa can not be heated at the same time. If one is heating, the other one isn’t. Please notify us when you are finished with the spa so that we can keep the heat going in the pool.

**Most of the year, heating is not needed except for the winter months upon request.

If you need special accommodations with early check-in/late check-out, we will gladly help UPON AVAILABILITY. Early check-in fee is $75, payment has to be provided upon request. Late check-out requests are not easily attainable as our staff needs to properly sanitize and clean before the next guests arrive. In the event we do not have a reservation following yours, we will gladly accommodate for a $75 fee and move our cleaning crew to a later schedule or help you extend for the day or night at a special rate. All late check out requests need to be submitted before 8:30pm the evening prior to check out.

We are pet friendly! Please let us know in advance, if you need any special accommodations. $200 pet deposit is required and if no additional pet cleaning left behind, $150 is refunded at time of check out and $50 goes towards pet's stay and $25 for each following pet.

CHECKOUT DUTIES: if you could kindly start a load of pool towels in washing machine, put your trash in the trash bins outside and start the dishwasher. Thank you so much.

We have wonderful neighbors that welcome you to our neighborhood, please ensure to respect them and the area around you.

Please check out our other 60+ sister properties if you are looking for something different. We will gladly accommodate you and your group.

PLEASE NOTE: The desert can become extremely windy. Please closes umbrellas to avoid damage when not in use and overnight. Thank you, kindly.

If you are interested in pool heat, please let us know and submit payment at least 24 hours in advance, as it takes time to heat.

Other things to note
Palm Springs is truly a magical experience and magical vacation destination that you will remember for a lifetime.
As amazing as that all sounds, there are some rules from the City of Palm Springs that both parties need to follow. So we feel we should protect you, your family, or your group at all costs when it comes to vacationing in Palm Springs and the laws and ordinances you are required to follow as a resident here on Vacation in a short-term rental.
Palm Springs has the strictest short-term vacation ordinances and laws in the United States.
We have HOSTED HUNDREDS of GROUPS, and NEVER have we ever had a group ever evicted from our homes. We attest to this fact because we INFORM every Guest before they even book what those laws and ordinances are. Be very careful as you select your vacation home that these rules are explained to you in detail, or your Vacation might become a nightmare.
The City of Palm Springs has established various strict rules and regulations that all short-term vacation rental homes MUST FOLLOW. Please remember these are City of Palm Springs Laws and Ordinances. The City of Palm Springs will enforce them, including a $1000 fine and IMMEDIATE EVICTION from your vacation rental if you violate any short-term vacation ordinance or law.

The City of Palm Springs Laws and Ordinances include;
Please remember the City of Palm Springs has a MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT for booking Airbnb properties. The Minimum age is 25 years old with a valid ID that they must show at check-in.
Please remember if you book a reservation in your name and are delayed from arriving, before your other guests, to call Airbnb and have a guest name added to your reservation so they may take possession of the home until your arrival. Please remember they are then charged with informing your guests of the rules and regulations the city has in place. Again, this person must be at least 25 years old.

The Good Neighbor Policy - NO MUSIC or LOUD NOISES are not allowed outside of your Vacation Rental unit at any time! Please remember these are not our laws or rules, but we are licensed by the City of Palm Springs to inform each Guest of these regulations. That includes NO LOUD MUSIC or LOUD NOISES coming from inside the home that could be heard from the street. Please, don't bring the speakers outside and crank up the music, even if you think everyone will enjoy it. If your neighbors can hear music, you violate the City Ordinance. The City of Palm Springs has its code enforcement officers that monitor all short-term vacation rentals and will appear at your door without notice to fine and evict you without a WARNING!

Please note the City of Palm Springs has the STRICTEST NOISE ORDINANCE/NO MUSIC OUTSIDE in the nation. Our home uses a Minut and Noiseaware system that ALERTS and PROTECTS the guests, surpassing the OUTDOOR noise levels monitored by the City of Palm Springs. This system is NOT a voice recognition system. It is a decibel reader that detects MUSIC or LOUD NOISES. This system will then send a signal to the Guest via text that the noise level has exceeded the City of Palm Springs levels and could result in a fine of up to $1000 and immediate eviction by the City of Palm Springs. It is giving you time to get control of the noise level. Please remember these are in place to PROTECT you.

The City of Palm Springs allows ONE (1) car per bedroom. Since this is a large four-bedroom home, you can have four vehicles. You will have access to the garage, the parking pad outside the garage, and street parking is available in this beautiful neighborhood.
The City of Palm Springs allows for two (2) guests per bedroom. So the ADULT occupancy of this house is a total of 8 ADULTS. Children under the age of 13 do not count as an occupant.

You are allowed to have FOUR (4) additional visitors from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm to enjoy the day of swimming, a cookout, or to see this beautiful home.

A HOST REPRESENTATIVE will meet you at your home on your arrival with a contract from the City of Palm Springs outlining all the above details that you understand and for your signature. Someone will be on-site and available as needed
Again, you will have an AMAZING time in Palm Springs if you follow the City of Palm Springs Guidelines.

Our Home Guidelines
Since The Palm Springs Home - Where Art Comes to Life is like no other home in Palm Springs, we would like to remind you this home is filled with AMAZING (ORIGINAL)ARTWORK designed and painted; just for the owners of this HOME and your AMAZING ENJOYMENT!

Please be very careful not to use any clear tape on the walls where original artwork appears to ensure the artwork is damaged. The home will provide you with special tape to be used for your celebration decorations.

No glassware in the pool area as we provide outdoor dining plastic glasses for your enjoyment.

Make sure to turn off the outside fireplace after each use.

After pool use, please dry off before sitting on INSIDE furnishing to avoid additional charges that may result from damage to the fabrics.

Pay careful attention to fabric and bed furnishings.

Please turn off the barbecue after each use.

POOL TIME is one of the most popular activities to enjoy in Indio. Please keep voices and pool activities to a reasonable level. Continued and ongoing screaming for an extended period is one way to disturb the neighbors. Please be thoughtful.
The Pool and Spa are heated 24 hrs per day in the winter season. Winter heating rates apply as well as the Summer Spa season rates.

NIGHT TIME hours are between 10 pm, and 10 am. Please consider moving indoors after 10 pm. If you choose to be outside, please consider the neighbors and use indoor voices. Please remember our neighborhoods are quiet, surrounded by mountains, and voices can easily carry.

Please make sure to lock all doors when you leave your home for excursions to protect your valuables.
To keep our beautiful property rates extremely low, please clean up after yourself before checking out by following the checkout guidelines found in the digital online and hardcover manual in each home.

The Homeowner is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or illnesses on the premises of this property or its facilities. The Homeowners are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the Guest. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that Guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they may invite, with Homeowners' consent, to use the premise.

The owner will complete a thorough inspection after checkout. Please report any damages that have occurred to avoid hefty credit card charges for damages.

Any evidence of damage caused by Guests will result in additional charges to the Guest, depending on the extent of the damage. The Homeowner reserves the right to assess the damage and charge the Guest as needed.
Owner is on the property in a separate casita away from all guests and will not be seen or heard nor interact with guests but available when needed, and does not have access to any outdoor amenities at anytime. This is by the code of the city of Palm Springs according to our Airbnb license.