Rental Policies

CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY For Short-Term Stays (<29 nights)

All reservations require you to provide a valid photo ID and a signed rental contract.

Reservations booked within 72 hours of arrival require additional verification to provide identity and avoid fraudulent bookings including live video chats with staff members that are recorded.


Direct Bookings on AnnetaGroup.com or Via Phone*:
Cancellation More than 72 Hours prior to Arrival date: Guests can obtain a full refund except minus booking fees.
Cancellation Less than 72 Hours prior to Arrival: Guests can obtain a travel credit to be used within 12 months of the original arrival date. The travel credit will be equivalent to the cost of the original reservation minus booking fees.

*Bookings on third party websites such as Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO, Marriott Homes and Villas or Plum Guide may be subject to different cancellation policies set by the specific channel. Please refer to the cancellation policy on the site in which your booking occurred as this will be the cancellation policy governing your reservation.

Special Services: We may be unable to refund for any special services ordered on behalf of Occupant, at Occupant request, outside of rent, taxes and fees, which cannot be cancelled in time for a refund to be issued. Example, you order a catering service which we arrange, which requires a non refundable deposit

CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY For Long-Term Stays (29 nights or longer)

Direct Bookings on AnnetaGroup.com or Via Phone*:
You can cancel your reservation 60 days or more prior to arrival and get a 100% refund minus the booking fee & associated taxes if you book directly with Anneta Group*.
Within 60 days or less prior to arrival, the full rent amount and booking fee are considered earned and not refunded. All other costs and fees are refunded, including cleaning fees, security deposit, and any utility fees.

* Please note that the cancellation policy is based on the marketplace where you book your reservation and the date/time that you originally reserve your stay. The cancellation policy noted in your signed guest agreement is the one valid for your stay.